Description of Services and Fee Schedule Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Question (Fees):

Why are there fees to use


As many of us know pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. In addition, the number of pickleball tournaments being played each year is growing. Fees will help ensure we can keep powering pickleball tournaments around the country by covering the expenses required to provide online system services, equipment, maintenance, uptime and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Question (Advertise Your Tournament Only):

If I use the online software/system for player registration and management of my tournament, do I pay a fee for “Advertise Your Tournament Only” as well?


No.  Some tournaments have just wanted to use the system to "Advertise" their tournament only on, ie they didn't need "any" system to handle registrations or to manage the tournament.  They run the tournament by hand and just need to advertise they were having a tournament.  “Advertise Your Tournament Only” is a new and stand alone service to support tournaments that just want to “Advertise” their tournament on  If tournaments use the software/system to manage their tournament then “Advertising” on is included in the fee for Tournament System Access/Use.

Question (Create Your Tournament):

If I use the online software/system for player registration and management of my tournament, do I pay an additional fee for “Create Your Tournament”?


There are a lot of tournaments that get created on the system, but yet the person creating the tournament never actually has a tournament.  That becomes a lot of work in maintaining and keeping the system clean, so having a "Create Your Tournament" fee for $20 and then crediting that fee to the Tournament Management System/Access Use fee service, if purchased, should help keep the amount of tournaments created and not used to a minimum.  If the Tournament Management System/Access Use fee service is not purchased then its just $20 for having created the tournament on the system.

Question (Refunds):

How are refunds handled?


If utilizing our payment processing system we would handle refunds up until the time we have paid the tournament.  Once we've issued payment to the tournament the tournament would be responsible for the refund.  We've defined in our payment description that we would process registration payments to the tournament every 30 days until registration closes, but we could also hold any payment until registration closes if that works for the tournament.  Doing so may help decrease the amount of refunds the tournament might need to process.

Question (Bill):

When is my bill due? 


An invoice will be emailed to you the day after your tournament. That bill is due within 10 days after your tournament is completed. You can pay your bill online through the Billing link when logged in to your tournament or you may mail a check made payable to Pickleball Tournaments, LLC: 

P.O. Box 1536

Sun City, AZ 85372


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is there documentation?

A) There is online documentation, how-tos, and FAQs for common operations, which can be found under Documentation 
Q) What about training?
A) Usually for new users, we can arrange training over the phone for registration and pre-tournament support. If volunteers are used to manage the tournament desk, we've found on-site training is sufficient if an experienced supervisor is available. In all cases, it is extremely easier if the users are computer literate. This doesn't mean a guru, just familiar with regular operations: mouse, window usage, and printer operations. 
Q) I'm running a tournament and something goes wrong?
A) With prior arrangements, we can be onhand via phone to help with issues. This is also a reason for working live on the internet. We can monitor and provide support.
Q) Who has access to my tournament information?
A) Only the users you have authorized and a few "super" users. The "super" users have authorization to all tournaments to help solve issues and provide support if any person is lost. They do not disclose your tournament information without your permission.
Q) How long will the charts be available on the web?
A) Storage space on the web has been virtually free. Currently there is no time limit on how tournament information will be available. The resulting charts are available as web pages and may be copied to another web site.
Q) Can I download/upload my player information?
A) Authorized users can download selected player and event information in a delimited file. Similarly there is an import cabability for tournaments that provide registration on another website and wish to upload the minimum information to avoid re-entry.