Importing Data

For large tournaments that have their own registration and payment system, we can do a data transfer of information. This allows them to handle registrations and then can be used for management of the tournament. After the registration deadline and the information has been corrected as much as possible, the information is loaded into the tournament on this website and control proceeds from there (seeding, partner changes, creating brackets, and running the tournament). There is no transfer back, but all results are available via this website and the user's main website may link to the result pages in this website. Any changes to the player's information or events on the website have to be reported manually back to the source system.

Transferring the information is via two Excel spreadsheets: 1) player personal information, and 2) event information.

For the player information, we can accept the following basic information as one row per player:

External ID - identification id (your player id)
Last Name - last name
First Name - first name (Nick name may be included in this field if encompassed by parenthesis, ie "Michael (Mike)".
Middle - middle name
Nickname - nick name
Birthdate - birthdate as mm/dd/yyyy
Sex - Either M,F,Male,Female
Age - Player's age (normally recalc’d from birthdate and tournament age date)
Club - Player's club name
Email - players email address
Address1 - primary address l line 1
City - primary city
State - primary state abbreviation
Country - country name
Zipcode - postal code
Phone - phone number
Alt.Phone - alternate phone
Emergency Contact - contact name
Emergency Phone - contact phone
Skill - skill level:

Alt Addr - alternate address line 1
Alt Addr2
Addl City - alternate city
Addl State - alternate address state code
Addl Country - alternate address city
Addl Zip - alternate address postal code
Member Number - USAPA member number

For the event information (1 row per player event entry):

External ID #1 - ID of player or first player in a doubles event
External ID #2 - ID of second player in a doubles event

Event identified by one of the following:
    Event ID  - tournament event id number
    Event Code - event code abbr
    Event Name - A specified name which is mapped to a tournament event.

Skill Level - specific skill level for the entry
Age Group - specific age group (must be a valid age group for the event)

For the player information, the system needs at least the name, birthdate, sex, member number, phone, and email address. We do not need the full address, but the city, state, and/or club is helpful for identification to better identify players.

We request a test of the transfer before the actual deadline using actual sample files. You email the files to us, we setup the import file specifications, and then will actually do the import for you. When the final data is ready, we will also help you do it. For management purposes, it's usually easier to do a single import with all the information. Partial updates are problematic if updates apply to an existing player.

For more information, please contact us at